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Our Mission


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Our mission is to make science fun, relevant, and relatable for students and families.  We combine fictional storytelling with documentary filmmaking— creating unforgettable educational experiences designed for the smallest classrooms and the biggest IMAX® screens.

Our Films


Sol is a docu-fiction hybrid film designed for science centers and museum audiences about a group of kids who set off on a summer of discovery about our nearest star,  Sol. 

This short piece is a test for a portion of the film where the kids explore the size and scale of our Solar System.  Based on an educational model developed by Dr. David Hathaway at NASA wherein the Sun is the size of a basketball, this short film uses real objects and distances to show the enormity of our Solar System.

To learn more about Sol, please contact us:

Watermelon Magic

Released in 2014, Watermelon Magic is a revolutionary film designed for children Pre-K through 5th grade and their caregivers and teachers.  Weaving together documentary and narrative elements, Watermelon Magic chronicles a season on the family farm, as young Sylvie grows a patch of watermelons to sell at market. The film pairs high-resolution stills at varying shutter-burst frame rates with stunning time-lapse sequences to trace the journey from seed to flower to fruit. When harvest time arrives, Sylvie must decide if she will share her precious watermelon babies with the world.

Watermelon Magic was the first Kickstarter funded film to be released in IMAX®.  To find Watermelon Magic playing at a theater near you, or to purchase a DVD, visit


2013 Wild & Scenic Film Festival – Winner, Best Children’s film

2013 WorldFest Houston – Silver Remi Award for Independent Shorts, Children/Family division

2013 MountainFilm Festival in Telluride – Official Selection

2013 Green Film Festival in Seoul – Official Selection

2014 Jackson Hole Science Media Awards – Finalist

Fridays at the Farm

Originally commissioned for a local television channel, Fridays at the Farm is part memoir, part documentary, and part Valentine to community supported agriculture. Fridays at the Farm aired nationally on The Sundance Channel, won awards in the US, Korea, and Japan, was selected for ten traveling film festivals and both the Ironweed and Earth Cinema Circle DVD Collections, and screened hundreds of times in many countries. This film was Richard Hoffmann’s first attempt to make a film using only still images, and proves that the personal can truly be universal.

The DVD is available with a contribution to Spring Garden Pictures, or for purchase at Green Planet Films.

What is Beauty?

Spring Garden Pictures was a winner in the 2015 Philadelphia Flower Show’s “What is Beauty?” competition. The images in this short film are all real – no CGI trickery. It was filmed in 4K in Southwest England by the amazing Tim Shepherd, and scored by Philly’s Peter Tramo and Tom Hamilton. 


Abundance is a short film created for the City of Philadelphia’s Green 2015 Initiative.  Green 2015 aims to convert 500 acres of paved and underused land into public green space, such as parks, playgrounds and community gardens. The film was created as an inspirational piece for the kickoff event and screened at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia.

Who We Are


We are artists, educators and story-tellers.

Spring Garden Pictures is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which was founded by Donyale Reavis and Richard Power Hoffmann in 2009.  Our work is supported by our board of directors and team of advisors, and we are sustained by donations from individuals and foundations. 

Spring Garden Pictures collaborates with world class musicians and filmmakers to deliver fresh, fun media for museums, schools, and the home.   We love nature and science, and hope our work inspires others to love them too.  

Like what you see so far?

Support quality educational media for children and families by making a tax-deductible donation. For your $50 donation, we will send you a DVD of Richard Hoffmann’s award-winning film Fridays at the Farm, which toured the world and aired nationally on the Sundance channel.

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